Tasty & Fun

Pier's Dried Fish products are all time favorite food! You can mix and match with other food at any given time of the day. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or just snacking out... there's no other champion that holds the title in the table and stood the test of time.

Our Products Pricing
  • Dried Tuyo na tunsoy
    ₱150 per 1/2kg
  • Dried Dulong
    ₱200 per 1/4kg
  • Boneless Dilis
    ₱250 per 1/4kg
  • Boneless Danggit
    ₱300 per 1/4kg
  • Pusit Daing
    ₱375 per 1/4kg
  • Labahita
    ₱300 per 1kg
  • Pusit Buo/Tarutot
    ₱250 per 1/4kg
  • Gourmet Tinapa
    ₱210 per 1 Bottle
  • Gourmet Tuyo
    ₱210 per 1 Bottle
  • Spanish Sardines
    ₱120 per 1 Bottle

How To Order

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Leading Dried Fish Brand

There's no other dried fish brand that matches the quality and deliciousness of the Pier's Dried Fish and the rest of the product lines. This is backed by hundreds of returning customers that keeps coming back for more over and over again.


A local legend

Piers Dried Fish is distinctive and has its own unique identity. It's taste is a signature that a lot have tried to imitate and failed. There's nothing like Piers Dried Fish. Her heart and passion poured in to the products is the true love of a local legend.


Unique Tasting Profiles

Pier's secret recipe makes the dried fish products taste perfectly and blends with all the year round season delights, all day menu choice, complementing all kinds of Filipino traditional foods. These dried fish brings you home where you are located in the world.


Growing Strong

Piers Dried Fish products started with a single item and now holds almost a dozen products and continue to create more. We are not stopping at 12 or 24, we will keep expanding and we will keep growing to provide smiles in each of you at your dining table.

What Customers Say

These are just few of the many happy customers had to say about Piers Dried Fish.

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